Sustainability is a fundamental part of our culture at Ennovie. We take pride in our near-zero emissions factory. 75% of all energy usage comes from renewable energy and 90% of all water consumption comes from rain and recycled water.

Mindful of the health of the team associates, the factory has a stringent dust filtration system to protect our team’s health and well-being. Dust generated by polishing and grinding is collected by a spot exhaust suction through a 1,000th of a millimeter filter. Air is further filtered through HEPA filters


We take care in selecting our raw materials. All casted gold and silver are responsibly sourced from recycled refiners. Working together for over twenty years, every gemstone used by Ennovie is carefully chosen by our trusted panel of ethical suppliers. This way we ensure sustainable-sourcing at the most competitive pricing

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Ennovie drives innovation using Agile Production Management. Our clients receive a 4-week development and up to 10-days production lead time.

Our teamwork cells are designed to cut down idle time and maximize collaboration and communication.

Our customized ERP system and incentive program empower our teams with real-time production data and statistics. We promote a win-win situation by sharing a portion of our profits with every employee at Ennovie when productivity targets are reached.

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Ennovie is committed to rigorous quality assurance, combining the latest technology, machinery with high quality hand craftsmanship. We focus on internally developed technologies, collaborating closely with leading global researchers in simulated casting, advanced engineering and craftsmanship, to ensure consistency and precision.

We value our employees who take the time to understand our business and who look for ways to add value. Our experienced workforce knows the importance of making commitments and delivering the highest quality goods and services. We empower and nurture talent through internal training programs.

1500 sqm of solar panels that powers 80% of our usage.

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